Author: Jasmine Spiers

Brand Rejuvenation – What It Is, What It Isn’t & How to Do It Right

  Over time, brands can start to feel a little tired and lacklustre. While you’re focusing on day-to-day business operations, your company’s image can start to fall into the past – often so slowly that you don’t even notice it’s happening. Take phone manufacturer, Nokia, for example. Making solid, sturdy little handsets worked for years for Nokia but in 2011, […]

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Is it time to hit refresh?

Things are constantly changing. Just look at some of the big movies coming out soon: Star Wars, The Lion King, Aladdin… Okay, well some things change. And it’s important that your brand keeps up with the times with an occasional brand refresh. Think of a brand refresh as being a little bit like renovating your home. It can keep your brand […]

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How to survive budget-setting season

With the new financial year on the horizon, many start-ups and small businesses around Australia are turning their attention to setting their budgets. The budget is often the white elephant in the room during the early stages of marketing comms planning. However, it’s important that candid discussions are had around it upfront to ensure objectives can be met.   In general, […]

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