Something to chew over

-By Alana Rendina I’d been having trouble thinking of a topic for a blog piece when I stumbled across an interesting ad late last night. There is an age-old social stigma that says chewing gum gives a bad impression – that people who chew gum are perceived as being rude and disrespectful. The Beldent Gum Brand set out to disprove […]

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The great radio shake-up

-By Florea Nuthall The Melbourne and Sydney radio markets are set for major changes in 2014. The recent announcements that Hughesy & Kate, Matt & Jo, and Kyle & Jackie O are to leave their longstanding breakfast shows, will provide an interesting scenario for ratings in the new year. Will listeners embrace the change in personalities? Because let’s face it, […]

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10 reasons why branded entertainment is the future of advertising

– By Craig Hunter If you want to make an impact within the 3000 to 5000 advertising messages the average person is exposed daily, you have to do something pretty special. You could always buy market share through heavy reach/frequency spends, but this is only for the privileged few and will ultimately end in diminishing returns. You have to engage […]

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