We are…

– By Craig Hunter Full Service The Sphere Agency is a full-service integrated advertising agency. We have 20 staff across multiple disciplines, including: research, brand strategy, communication strategy, digital and creative execution, media planning and buying, and event activation. Independent We are a privately owned agency, rare in today’s world of network dominated advertising groups. Our senior staff have large […]

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How People Perceive Advertising

– By Alana Rendina When talking to people about my job I constantly come across certain ideas and misconceptions people have about advertising. Most people have a completely different view of advertising and the people that work in advertising to the reality. Firstly, I’d like to start off with the belief that working in advertising means every day is a […]

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Smart TV’s & Advertising

– By Gabrielle Hill Mainstream television was first welcomed into Australian homes in 1956. And hasn’t it come a long way since then. Constantly evolving since its introduction, TV has progressed through the years with advancements such as portable televisions, the remote control, VCR, DVD, flat screens and now we have the ‘Smart TV’. So what is ‘Smart TV’? A […]

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