Nando’s goes Chk Chk Portuga-ZOOM!

[youtube=] Sphere had helped Nando’s continued its run of topical ads with a new radio commercial spoofing Clare from Kings Cross that replaces her now famous “Chk Chk Boom” catchphrase with “Chick-Chick Portuga-ZOOM”. Part of Nando’s ‘Portugasm’ campaign, the radio spot recreates the Kings Cross incident where Clare Werbeloff gave her false account of a shooting, creating the phenomenon. Check […]

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Sphere gives Qantas 
a new look

When the Herald Sun did an article on the rebranding of Qantas they asked some advertising agencies what they would do with the brand. You can see our concept for a new plane tail design and the interview with Creative Director, Darren Fishman, in the article. The Sphere Agency’s concept for a new Qantas plane tail design.

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