U + A = C

-By Isabell Howden A very wise advertising man taught me this equation many years ago (albeit after he himself had learnt it from a very wise non-advertising man many more years earlier…) and it is the essence of simplicity as a solution to missing deadlines, disappointing others, putting oneself under stress and a myriad of other workplace ills. Basically, the […]

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Favourite Ads

-By Luke Davidson Over the past few months on Twitter and Facebook we’ve occasionally been looking at some of our favourite ads from around the world. It’s been so much fun, I thought it would be nice to collect them all in one place for easy access. Enjoy! Michael’s favourite: Andrew’s favourite: Alana’s favourite: Flo’s favourite: Isabell’s favourite: Virginia’s favourite: […]

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What’s your type?

-By Andrew Vohmann Working with fonts can be tedious. Finding harmony between two fonts is somewhat difficult and time consuming. I guess what’s nice about the search though, is that working with so many different typefaces it almost becomes a second language. You begin to recognize every different typeface that is used when walking down the street, you criticize the […]

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