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At Sphere, we believe that the media and creative strategies should be intrinsically linked. After all, there’s no point developing a brilliant creative campaign that only works on media that the target audience don’t consume, and equally there’s no point having the most efficient media buy if it doesn’t suit the creative idea that will best influence your consumer.

By having media and creative under the one roof we can be openly and honestly collaborative as our agenda is one and the same. This helps ensure that creative and media work together to deliver more than the sum of their parts.

That’s why our philosophy is always less about media investment and more about making a connection with the core consumer to deliver real ROI.

Our media services include:

Target audience analysis

We develop a deep understanding of your brand’s target audience via attitudinal and psychographic analysis, including insights into their motivations and needs and how these translate into purchasing decisions.

Media consumption habits

We analyse what media channels and platforms your target audience consumes

Media strategy

We create a communications approach that will deliver on business objectives for your brand

Media planning and buying

We plan and buy across all channels including TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital display, affiliate marketing, search, social channels, and mobile. Our negotiations are performed on a client-by-client basis in order to access best-in-market rates and are never influenced by group buying deals.

Social media strategy and management

We can deliver a communications strategy across social platforms and oversee the ongoing management of your social communities

Campaign set up, monitoring and reporting

We take care of media implementation, ongoing campaign optimisations and post-campaign analysis for your brand to ensure we meet objectives and deliver return on investment (ROI).

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