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Public Relations

We recognise that sometimes the best advertising solution isn’t advertising at all. Whether it’s creating much talked about media stunts, engaging with influencers and bloggers or more traditional media relations and publicity, we have the PR team in place to help put your brand in the spotlight.

Through our best-of-breed partners, we can provide:

Media Relations & Publicity

Our partners all have great working relationships with media around the country and the globe, and excel at finding the angles to your story that will capture the media’s attention, gaining coverage across newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online outlets.

Media Events

We craft a look and feel that speaks to your brand and resonates with your audience, with imagery that’s clean, clear and consistent.

Media Stunts

We have a proven track record of delivering unique media stunts that capture the public and media’s attention on a national and international level.

Influencer and Blogger Engagement

Today, influencer and blogger engagement is an increasingly important and effective way to spread your message. We can help your brand to identify and engage the most relevant influencers and bloggers for your audience.

Issues and Crisis Management

We help you plan for the things that people say can’t be planned for. This ensures that in the event of a crisis we can help get things back on track in a timely manner.


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