10 Quick Questions – Crystal Ballan

To help everyone get to know the team at Sphere a little bit better, we’re going to occasionally be sitting down with staff to ask them 10 quick questions. Today it’s Crystal’s turn.


1. What is your job title?
Account Director

2. Best thing about working at Sphere?
Sphere has a flat structure, flexibility and is free of silos; as a result we work in a very cohesive manner where ideas are truly integrated.

3. Most embarrassing moment at work?
Fresh out of university and probably still drunk, I had the unfortunate ‘discussion’ with my client service director who educated me about client service 101- never tell your paying client that we cannot respond to their brief because we are too busy pitching for another piece of business. Needless to say this did not go down very well. Thankfully I didn’t take her piece of advice literally when she told me to “treat my clients like I would my boyfriend”.

4. Share a picture that makes you smile:

5. First ad you ever worked on?
It was a campaign for Gillette Venus Vibrance, ladies razors, “feel the summer breeze on your silky smooth legs” ooh la la…lucky for me my repertoire has expanded since then.

6. First concert you ever went to?
Presidents of the United States of America, although I have a vague recollection of rocking out to a Young Talent Time concert, I’ll have to ask mum about that one.

7. Would you rather always have the hiccups or feel like you need to sneeze but be unable to for the rest of your life?
The lesser of two evils, hiccups!

8. What made you want to work in advertising?
First year uni and I had a very inspirational university lecturer. He was a young guy working in Advertising and his lectures were grounded in the practical realties of communication in a commercial setting. Half the time you are so bogged down in the theoretical teachings of a subject that it is hard to makes sense of how concepts translate into the real world. I felt I had a good grasp of what a career in advertising would entail and that gave me a very clear path forward.
However, truth be known, it was the summer of 2004 I had finished a Bachelor of Business and Commerce and I was fast becoming a qualified uni bum, contemplating my next degree. A proactive friend of mine found a job on seek, I applied and got the job. That’s how I fell into advertising.

9. If you weren’t working in advertising, what would your career be?
International Aid and Development.

10. Who is your celebrity look-a-like?
Apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal


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