10 Quick Questions – Luke Davidson

To help everyone get to know the team at Sphere a little bit better, we’re going to occasionally be sitting down with staff to ask them 10 quick questions. First up is Luke Davidson.


1. What is your job title?
Senior Copywriter

2. Best thing about working at Sphere?
I know I should say something like, “Working with a bunch of fun, crazy, talented people”, but instead I’m going to answer: the table tennis table. Sorry everyone, I just always wanted a table tennis table as a kid!

3. Most embarrassing moment at work?
Once on a TVC shoot I had to do some hand modeling – stepping in for the actor who wasn’t able to hold a piece of paper steadily enough. After a successful take I told the director to “keep me in mind for future hand jobs.” It was only when the entire crew burst out laughing that I realised how that could be misconstrued!

4. Share a picture that makes you smile:
That’s not really a question, but sure…

5. First ad you ever worked on?
I think it was a radio ad for Cadbury. It was so long ago that I can’t say for sure!

6. First concert you ever went to?
Vans Warped Tour.

7. Would you rather always have cold showers or an hour less sleep than you need to feel well rested?
Tough. I love sleep so would have to choose the cold showers. (I can still have warm baths, right?)

8. What made you want to work in advertising?
My dad was a copywriter so I grew up knowing more about the business than most. I think that made it always seem like a career that was a realistic option and one I might be suited to.

9. If you weren’t working in advertising, what would your career be?
Well, when I was a kid I always wanted to be a Nintendo Help Line Counsellor…

10. Who is your celebrity look-a-like?
The two I used to get a lot were Pete Sampras and Dawson from Dawson’s Creek… I’m open to any other possibilities as I can’t say I’m a fan of those comparisons!


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