Brand Rejuvenation – What It Is, What It Isn’t & How to Do It Right

Roll'd Brand Rejuvenation

Over time, brands can start to feel a little tired and lacklustre. While you’re focusing on day-to-day business operations, your company’s image can start to fall into the past – often so slowly that you don’t even notice it’s happening.

Take phone manufacturer, Nokia, for example. Making solid, sturdy little handsets worked for years for Nokia but in 2011, the company realised they had to make some serious changes to keep up with the smartphone era.

So, Nokia rejuvenated its brand and tone-of-voice to stay competitive and appeal to younger generations. Nokia’s head of marketing for the UK and Ireland said:

“The trick is to remember to not just wade in; otherwise our personality could look like the drunken uncle dancing at the wedding.”

How did they manage it? They partnered with celebrities that would appeal to the youth market, increased their social media marketing and completely refreshed their tone-of-voice.

Is your brand in need of a refresh? This guide from The Sphere Agency covers all you need to know about brand rejuvenation; from what it is to how your company can get itself back on the right track.

What is brand rejuvenation?

Brand rejuvenation is all about changing how consumers see your brand. It means keeping the fundamentals the same, but changing its image to present it in a whole new way; updating elements like the logo, colour scheme, tone-of-voice and website. Essentially, it’s giving your business a makeover.

It might be time to rejuvenate your brand if the structures are still working fine, but its overall look feels dated. When new customers interact with your brand, if you appear old-fashioned compared to your competitors, this can put them off buying from you. 

Stay fresh, relevant and powerful with a solid brand rejuvenation strategy.

Brand rejuvenation vs rebranding: what’s the difference?

Isn’t that just the same thing as a rebrand?!

Many people get confused between the two terms, and while there are some overlaps, the meanings vary slightly.

A brand goes beyond the name, logo and visual elements of a business. It describes how your business exists in the minds of your consumers; how they feel about your business, rather than just how it looks. That means that a re-brand is more than just changing the name or redesigning the logo. It’s about creating an entire new identity for your business, setting it apart from its competitors and making it memorable because of the way people feel about it.

Five steps to brand rejuvenation

Re-establish your brand’s edge and focus with a brand rejuvenation strategy. If it’s time to make a change but you’re feeling a little daunted by the process ahead, follow these simple five steps to brand rejuvenation and take back your share of the market.

1. Understand why you need to change

So many business owners are reluctant to make a change and we hear the phrase “But that’s how we’ve always done it!” far too often. Many organisations play it safe, tweaking small aspects here and there.

This isn’t what brand rejuvenation is about. You need to challenge what you know and be prepared for a significant image overhaul. Understand that the alternative is to appear dated and behind-the-times compared to your competition, which is guaranteed to cause your customers to gradually fall away.

2. Think beyond your audience’s demographics

Understanding the age, income, gender and interests of your customer base helps you build a product and a message that appeals to them. However, rejuvenating your brand is a good chance to take this a step further. 

Dig deeper than consumer behaviour. What are their goals, passions and struggles? Tap into their mindset to create a personal, intimate brand that will appeal to their emotions, too.

3. Refresh from top to bottom

A spring clean should involve cleaning the entire house; not just one room. What we mean is that you need to refresh your brand as a whole, otherwise some aspects will look shiny and new, while others gather cobwebs.

Think about what your brand represents. Keeping the “heart” of your business the same (after all, your customers are already drawn to that), think about changing the entire presentation of it. Consistency is important as you evolve based on your audience and vision.

4. Rewrite your narrative

Your brand’s history is what makes it fundamentally you. This stage isn’t about overriding your history or erasing your brand’s story, but about presenting a new angle to your narrative that will engage customers. 

Your website is the perfect place to tell your story and connect with new audiences. A refreshed tone-of-voice and creatively telling people why you started the business, rather than how is an excellent place to start.

5. Hire experts

We understand that taking an objective look at your business can be difficult. When you’ve grown so attached to your original branding and story, it’s hard to see beyond that, to how the public perceive your image.

If you can’t figure out why sales are declining or people aren’t connecting with your brand the way you’d like, hire an expert who can offer fresh eyes and ideas to help you reach your full potential.

Revitalise your brand with The Sphere Agency

Is it time to hit refresh? Make The Sphere Agency your partner in a brand rejuvenation strategy and build an image that puts you leagues ahead of your competition. From the tiny details to the bigger picture, we’ll work with you to push boundaries and transform the way the market perceives your brand.

If you’re ready to make an impact, start a conversation today.







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