Design and the dreaded mental blank

-By Andrew Vohmann

It’s a problem that almost all designers will face at some point – the dreaded mental blank when trying to create new designs. It’s easy to fall into the trap of relying on old devices, but I think the key to keeping on trend and producing fresh, outstanding work is a diversity of influences. My most used resource in this regard is Not only does it feature graphic design work from around the world, but also has heaps of sub directories focusing on everything from retouching to typography. These sub directories are constantly being updated depending on how many ‘appreciations’ each project gets from users.

I find this site great for two reasons. The first being that some amazing designs get posted, which helps give you a benchmark on current design. The second reason is that it helps you recognise when a specific design trend is being saturated amongst everyone’s work. It may look good now, but if everyone’s doing it, it’s not ahead of the curve and will soon look dated. I tend to use the second reason as my main source in the effort to not become complacent!

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