Responsive Design Is A Must For Business

At a global level, we are seeing the ever increasing use of mobile and tablet technologies overtaking the traditional desktop environment as the primary means of consuming digital media. This includes video, audio, website and apps. Over the past 15 years business have slowly recognised the power the internet provides in talking and selling to consumers and now it is time for another fundamental change.

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile devices and the increasing speeds at which they can download data, mobile is the future of the Internet. Business will need to review their website traffic on a quarterly basis (if not more frequently) to determine if they are truly servicing their respective customers.

As with all technologies, choice in hardware is paramount, but this does provide an issue for developers and designers. We need to ensure that the websites and other digital media we create can effectively service the needs of consumers across multiple device dimensions.

The future of mobile web is responsive design. This means understanding the hierarchy of the content on your site, determining what lives on mobile vs desktop and how users will ultimately interact with that information.

At Sphere, we spend a great deal of time understanding our clients, reviewing user engagement across these various digital streams and create new and compelling digital properties based on our findings. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure business objectives are identified and solutions agreed upon before proceeding.

IF you or your business is looking for a forward thinking digital partner, look no further. Contact us today for more information.


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