Tips on getting your CV noticed (for the right reasons!)

-By Gabrielle Piraino
At Sphere we receive many CVs from people looking for a job in advertising. It’s a high demand industry that people want to work in, so the competition for roles is tough. It can be hard to get a foot in the door and get your CV in front of the right person. Sending your CV out to agencies unsolicited can occasionally be a successful way to land your dream job, however, there are ways to increase your chances of being noticed. Before sending off your CV, consider the points below:

Cover letter
Always attach a cover letter with your CV. Not writing a cover letter (or introduction email) is unacceptable and it’s highly likely your CV will not even be opened. The cover letter is your chance to show your knowledge of the agency you are applying to and what sort of role you are after. This is also where you can show off your personality (which can sometimes be just as valuable as your education and previous experience).

Proofread before sending!
It’s the little things that matter, so make sure you have read over your cover letter and CV BEFORE clicking send. From an agency’s perspective, receiving a job application addressing you with another company’s name in the cover letter is a big no-no and will almost certainly result in your CV being automatically deleted.

Standing out is key
Make it easy and enjoyable for someone to read your CV, through your experience and content, but also in the presentation and delivery. Some interesting ways you can get people’s attention and stand out is through links to blogs, microsites and videos just to name a few.

Get to know the different roles within agencies
It’s important to know the difference between marketing consultancies and advertising agencies and the different roles within each. If you are looking for a marketing role you may be more interested in working on the client side rather than in an advertising agency. Research the industry, work out what roles you are interested in and find agencies/companies that suit what you are looking for.

Offer freelance/contract work
If there are no fulltime/permanent roles on offer, you can always enquire if there are any freelance or contract roles available. Contracting can be a great way to find a permanent gig at an agency. Many positions within an agency are filled by contractors who seized the chance to prove their skills and value.

Finally, when it comes to sending your CV out to agencies, nothing beats good timing. If you happen to send your CV right when an agency is looking to fill a role you are applying for, you may just get lucky. And remember, if you don’t hit the mark with timing but your CV does stand out, agencies will often hold on to your CV and contact you when a suitable position does become available. Good luck with the job hunt!


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