Come come Mr. Bond, you enjoy a drink as much as i do.

The public outcry over Bond drinking a Heineken in the latest James Bond movie Skyfall is outrageous. Bond doesn’t only drink Vodka people. In fact Heineken was his beer of choice in Goldfinger. It’s true that James Bond has a serious drinking problem though, and it would seem beer is the least of his problems. The secret agent’s desire for a Scotch and Soda was lost in the production of the movies but it is the mixed drink he has most often in the books (a total of 21 times). I hardly think a cheeky Heineken to celebrate his 50 years of movie making is a criminal offence.

If we ever needed any proof of Mr Bond’s penchant for beer, we only have to look at the below photo of the great man taking in a few Jamaican Red Stripes after escaping Dr No’s ridiculous plan of world domination.

The shameless product placement of Heineken is in fact going to pave the way for a greater movie.  MGM raised in excess of $45 million from product placement for Skyfall, which was all invested into the movie’s budget (mind you, this is more than double the previous product placement record held by the film Minority Report).  But this isn’t new for Bond.  Over the last 50 years MGM have partnered on Bond films with multiple corporations from; Mattel, 7UP, Samsonite, Kodak, Calvin Klein, Norelco, Sony Erricsson, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Ford, Jaguar, Revlon, Rolex, and Omega.  Bond’s been driving Aston Martins since Goldfinger, with the occasional dalliance in a BMW. He crashed through a British Airways billboard in Moonraker and through a Perrier truck in Goldeneye. And in 2002, for Die Another Day, he switched to Finlandia Vodka.  If beer pays for better Bond movies, then we should all be in praise of beer.