Office Vox Pop: Do you ❤️ Instagram’s latest change?

Instagram is in the news again. No, thankfully it’s not about Israel Folau this time. Instead, today everyone is talking about Instagram’s decision to hide the number of likes on posts.


We asked people around the Sphere office what they think about the latest change. Here’s what they had to say:


“I’m in two minds. The digital marketer in me says, ‘We should care about who likes our content and how many people double-tap. And, eventually, we will need to find new ways and metrics to determine the efficiency of our buys.’ However, the consumer in me, really couldn’t care less. I feel like we are already programmed to double-click content regardless of how many likes it gives to someone, as the algorithm has taught us to double-click content that appeals to us – and in turn, shows us more of what we want to see.”

Anna, Digital Manager.


“I think either 1) In two weeks it won’t matter, and the internet will find something new to talk about, or 2) Engagement across the platform will decrease and Instagram will stop the trial. I don’t think it will change the quality of the content at all. If anything, I think it would disincentivise users from creating better content.


On a positive note, I think we’ll see a decrease in the number of new ~ iNfLuEnCeRs ~, while also levelling the playing field for the current pool of influencers. For years, influencers have had the upper hand in negotiating contracts and deliverables with brands, even while influencers’ engagement continued to decrease across the board.


If nothing else, it’s a great PR move from Instagram. It’s basically the only thing the internet has been talking about for the last two days.”

Aimee, Senior Account Manager.


“It makes no sense to me. I get that the goal is for better content, but if I really want to know how many people liked a post, I’m sure I can still find ways to work it out.”

Rahaf, Senior Graphic Designer.


“I like that it encourages people to ask deep philosophical questions, such as: if an Instagram post gets 10 million likes, but there’s no way for users to know, did anyone really like it?”

Luke, Head of Creative.


“From a personal point of view, I’m pretty indifferent to the changes. All I really care about is how many likes I got for a post and I can still see that, even if no one else can.”

Lara, Art Director.


While it may seem to be a fairly small change, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up having some big ramifications for influencers, brands and agencies. But then continuous change is the one constant in this business, and I have no doubt that most will adjust fast to the new landscape.”

Michael, ECD and Founder.


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