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Brand Repositioning

Businesses can outgrow their brands. When you find that your market share growth is stagnant, often all it takes to regain momentum is a hard look at your brand. 

We can help. The Sphere Agency has extensive experience helping businesses take the next step in their journey towards success. Our brand repositioning services help you transition your brand, helping  you to attract new and more profitable clients. 

Reimagine your brand, change the mix, find your audience 

Your brand is who you are – our goal is to preserve what makes it special while giving it the lift it needs to be appealing to tier-one clients. Working closely with yourself and other stakeholders, we identify and document your unique position in the market, your strengths, your values and your underlying philosophy, using these as the tent-poles for a new and more effective brand that cuts through at a higher level. 

Change where it counts, continuity where it matters – that’s the core of our brand repositioning service.

Providing brand repositioning, revitalisation, strategy & more 

At The Sphere Agency, we help you forge the brand your business needs. From helping victims of their own success reposition to access more valuable clients to supporting brand revitalisation and transformation efforts, our goal is always to help you build a brand that is a true asset to your business. 

One of Melbourne’s leading creative agencies, The Sphere Agency leverages a lean, talented team of strategists and creatives to achieve measurable change at your company. Driven by tangible results, all of our efforts are designed to help you outmanoeuvre the competition, increase your market share and grow your bottom line. The result? A more profitable, respected and loved brand, setting the stage for success now and into the future.

Start a conversation with our strategists today to find out how we could help your business take the next step. Contact our Melbourne office today on +61 3 8001 8088 or send us a message at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.