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Creative Development

We believe in putting the consumer first, creating entertaining campaigns and content they love to engage with. We help brands cut-through the clutter with big ideas that are disruptive, thought provoking and unexpected. We believe it all comes down to creating a big idea that will move audiences and meet brand objectives.


However, when big ideas aren’t needed, Sphere provides a wide range of roll-out possibilities, from logo development to television commercials, Sphere ensures that your projects are carried out creatively and cost-effectively across whichever marketing channel is needed.



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We repositioned Chatime as a more exciting iced tea and in the process helped Australians fall in love with bubble tea.


The Jerk

From the bold name to the colourful designs, we created every element of the new Jamaican Jerk Chicken brand, The Jerk.


Roll’d- Love The Journey

CHALLENGE Vietnamese street food brand, Roll’d, was looking to reposition the brand to achieve three key objectives: Capitalise on the current excitement…