United Against Malaria – Nando’s


The world stands on the brink of eliminating malaria. However, a new drug resistant strain is threatening to destroy these dreams. It’s now more important than ever to raise awareness and funds for the fight against malaria.


We created and produced an anthem (“Hearts On Fire”) designed to raise awareness for United Against Malaria, a charity supported by our former client Nando’s.

On the surface it might seem a strange strategy. After all, branded entertainment isn’t your typical advertising approach for a charity. We weren’t pulling on heartstrings in the traditional way – instead we were trying to tap into our target audience’s love of music and a good social cause. We believed that if we gave them something they loved and believed in, they would rally around the cause and help spread the message.


The initiative was a big success with the song generating over 45,000 downloads, assisting in raising almost $250,000 for United Against Malaria.

Having felt a strong connection to the song, legendary performer and UN Goodwill Ambassador Yvonne Chaka Chaka then agreed to re-imagine the track for the African Cup of Nations, where she performed it to a global audience of one billion!

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