Developed by Glenvill, YarraBend is a state-of-the-art suburb on the eastern edge of Melbourne’s CBD. The suburb boasts many world-leading ideas across technology, health and wellness, art and design, food and entertainment, knowledge, and sustainability. The challenge was to communicate all of the suburb’s many innovations in a way that could be quickly and easily understood by consumers and the media. They needed a big integrated idea and positioning that could tell the complicated YarraBend story in a clear and compelling way.

These many innovations and selling points also needed to be communicated in a short video that would play a key role at the display suite.


We created a communications platform for YarraBend that positioned it as “The World’s Most Liveable Suburb”. It’s a big claim, but one that YarraBend could make a strong case for. Importantly, it was a claim that succinctly summed up the major benefit of YarraBend’s many selling points.

In creating a video to bring this to life, we knew we needed to do something as special as the suburb itself. Most property videos are slow, dreamy short films that showcase an aspirational way of living. However, we decided to go in the opposite direction with a fast-paced, playful video that captured YarraBend’s unique style and character.


Our approach with the video ensured we could:

•  Convey a lot of information in a short time.

•  Stand out from traditional property development videos.

•  Reduce the need to shoot new footage.

•  Repurpose the video for social media as it was not dependent on voiceover and flexible enough to allow multiple cut-down videos.

The YarraBend development also gained valuable media attention and PR due to its bold positioning.

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