Day: February 27, 2013

Smart TVs & Advertising

– By Gabrielle Hill Mainstream television was first welcomed into Australian homes in 1956. And hasn’t it come a long way since then. Constantly evolving since its introduction, TV has progressed through the years with advancements such as portable televisions, the remote control, VCR, DVD, flat screens and now we have the ‘Smart TV’. So what is ‘Smart TV’? A […]

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Pester Power

– By Florea Nuthall Pester Power, definition – ‘The power children have, by repeated nagging, of influencing their parents to buy advertised or fashionable items’ Working in media during the B.C. (before children) times I had used this term within many strategies and media recommendations to describe the influence that these miniature people have in the purchase of products i.e. […]

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