Why small agencies rock

In agency-land, the Davids are walking all over the Goliaths of late. Here’s your animated guide to why small agencies like Sphere are kind of a big deal. 1. Low overheads mean lower costs for you. 2. We don’t have hundreds of accounts, so you’re a big part of our business. We’re all in this together, guys. 3. We’re agile… 4. […]

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U + A = C

-By Isabell Howden A very wise advertising man taught me this equation many years ago (albeit after he himself had learnt it from a very wise non-advertising man many more years earlier…) and it is the essence of simplicity as a solution to missing deadlines, disappointing others, putting oneself under stress and a myriad of other workplace ills. Basically, the […]

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Advertising flashback

-By Luke Davidson I was updating my bio recently for an agency document when I realised that come December I will have been working in the industry for 15 years. It got me thinking back to my early days in the industry and how much things have changed. My first job was at a large agency (that shall remain nameless). […]

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