Mumbrella’s article on The Sphere Agency’s theme song for the African Cup of Nations

A remixed version of the song “Hearts on Fire” that was created by The Sphere Agency for former client Nando’s, has been released as the theme song for the African Cup of Nations. The song is performed by African star Yvonne Chaka Chaka and will be played at the start and during half time of each game. Click here to […]

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Pester Power

– By Florea Nuthall Pester Power, definition – ‘The power children have, by repeated nagging, of influencing their parents to buy advertised or fashionable items’ Working in media during the B.C. (before children) times I had used this term within many strategies and media recommendations to describe the influence that these miniature people have in the purchase of products i.e. […]

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Selling papers, not sincerity

– By Dom Luca I don’t care about Lance Armstrong. I am neither a supporter, nor a non-supporter. For the months after it was proven Armstrong was a drug cheat, the world waited for the man to speak out. Yet, after his interview with Oprah, the biggest sporting confession ever seen and possibly the largest event ever streamed online, the […]

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