Nando’s At Home


The sales of Nando’s at home range of sauces were stalling with supermarket shelf space under threat from an increased number of competitor brands and ‘home brand’ lines. Mothers were also shying away from the sauce due to the fear that the spiciness would not appeal to their kids.


We decided to move away from targeting the main grocery buyer (typically mums) and instead target singles and young couples. We recognised this audience was being inspired by shows like Masterchef and were keen to impress in the kitchen.

We also looked beyond the traditional grocery channels to sell Nando’s at home at the place were we knew there were plenty of Nando’s fans – at the existing 200+ Nando’s restaurants!

With this in mind, we ran a promotion where we gave away a free bottle of sauce to every paying Nando’s customer – increasing awareness and trial of the ‘at home’ range (while also increasing visitation to Nando’s restaurants). New merchandising display units and packaging were also developed to give the Nando’s sauces more prominence at point of sale, along with recipe cards and booklets.

True to the cheeky Nando’s brand, the promotion was supported with a campaign pushing the message that Nando’s at home sauces were currently homeless, but were free to a good home.

In the second phase, the messaging evolved to a broader ‘summer BBQ’ theme. We spread this message with an outdoor campaign (taking advantage of cheap ‘distress’ media opportunities – resulting in 433% increased value) that encouraged people to add a little Portuguese to their next BBQ.


The strategy was an incredible success with a 22% increase in awareness amongst the target market and product sales increasing by an incredible 160%!

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