Tealive breakthrough campaign
Tealive Breakthrough campaign
Tealive Breakthrough campaign



Tealive, a new and innovative bubble tea brand, was looking to grow fast. They needed a global platform that would not only help them grow in their home country of Malaysia, but also breakthrough around the world.


Our breakthrough moment came when we realised that breakthroughs were at the heart of the Tealive brand and the consumer product experience.

Tealive is a drink that helps consumers ‘breakthrough’ – it provides a healthy pick me up that lets them move beyond obstacles to achieve their goals.

The brand also has innovation as one of its core brand values – they are committed to constantly creating new, breakthrough flavours and products.

And, perhaps most importantly, consumers literally ‘breakthrough’ the lid of a Tealive with the straw. This is unique to bubble tea and remarkably something that no tea brand ‘owns’. We believe the sound of the straw breaking through the lid is a unique audio mnemonic that could work for Tealive in much the same way as Coca-Cola uses the sound of a Coke being opened and poured over ice with the sound of bubbles and fizz.

We then brought this to life with a campaign in Malaysia that spanned outdoor, digital, social, radio and activations.

It started a year of incredible breakthroughs. Tealive held breakthrough dance competitions that drew huge crowds, celebrated people that were able to breakthrough and achieve their dreams and launched a number of breakthrough new products, including Black Diamond Milk Tea, which sold out in its first week.


The campaign had an immediate impact with sales increasing by 11.8% YoY in the first quarter. Since launch, the campaign has been rolled out around the world as Tealive has expanded into new markets including Australia, Thailand, India, China and the UK.

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