Tutti Frutti


Tutti Frutti was yet to meaningfully distinguish itself from the many ‘me too’ competitors in the market. The brand wanted to avoid being seen as just another generic frozen yogurt place – and start being seen as the global success that they are. We needed to put a fresh spin on the Tutti Frutti brand to make it stand out against a sea of colourful wannabes.


We conducted a brand workshop with Tutti Frutti’s key stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of the brand and marketplace. Reviewing the findings, we discovered that the brand offered a little escape from the everyday grind – something their competitors had not yet successfully communicated to the target audience. Sphere created a campaign built around celebrating the pursuit of fun and bringing it to the fore in everything the brand does – from playful promotions and offers, to point-of-sale posters that capture the simple joy of throwing all your favourite flavours, toppings and sauces together to create your dream dessert.


The effects of the campaign were felt almost immediately, with a sharp increase in trials sending sales soaring 40% in the first four weeks.

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